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Dr. Michael Gaeta

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Nutritional Expert Dr. Michael Gaeta

The right supplements can keep your body functioning perfectly; however, the wrong supplements can be harmful and a waste of money. Finally, here's the truth. 

The videos below will forever change the way you think about nutrition. 

Dr. Michael Gaeta

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Why Supplementation is Necessary

Find out why food- and plant-based supplementation is necessary to meet the unprecedented demands of modern life.

Rationale for Nutritional and Herbal Approach

Find out why supplements are so important and part of every care plan.

Natural vs Synthetic

Most of the people taking vitamins have no idea that they are synthetic isolated chemicals, made from petroleum, coal tar, or genetically-modified corn and manufactured by multinational drug companies.  Find out why you might want to reconsider.

Why Standard Process

Find out how the first and most respected professional supplement company in the US earned the loyalty of tens of thousands of health professionals, through its wholistic philosophy of honoring the wisdom of nature, and its leadership in excellence, safety and effectiveness.

Why Our Expert Chose Standard Process

You may wonder how ENA’s own nutrition expert, Dr Michael Gaeta, came to be so passionate about whole-food nutrition and Standard Process. Here’s where he shares his own story.

Benefits And Safety Of Herbal Medicine

You may have heard, in the mainstream media, of how dangerous herbs are. Learn the facts, and why herbal formulas are far safer than conventional drugs.

Herbal Quality And MediHerb

Find out why I and tens of thousands of health professionals around the globe have chosen MediHerb as their preferred source of herbal support for patients.

The Benefits Of Expert Nutritional Guidance

Learn how to receive the most benefit and safety, and save money, by using a supplementation program with the guidance of a trained natural health professional.

The Risks Of Buying Supplements Online

Buyer beware! Online shopping is wonderful for many things, though probably not for your food- and plant-based supplements. View to learn more.