Expand Your Practice with Nutrition

And save time with the help of ENA

What Is Expert Nutrition Advisor? 

With Introduction by Dr. Schmitt

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ENA is the first online video education service for Standard Process/MediHerb clinicians and their patients. It makes starting or expanding a nutritional component of your practice a simple, seven-step process. In no time at all, you can recommend Standard Process and MediHerb supplements with nothing more than the check of a box on your recommendation pad.  Simply ask your patients to watch our presentations and Dr. Michael Gaeta, your nutritional expert, will do the rest.

Dr. Richard Schmitt


Begin with the End in Mind 

Our professional training or Nutritional Practice Expansion Program,  provides you with a seven-step process to bring nutrition to your practice, and grow it into an robust service your patients will appreciate. Combine what you learn with one of our Patient Education Services and your practice will rise to a new level while generating more patient referrals in the process.


     Let Michael Gaeta Explain For You

  • Never again explain the concepts and principles every patient needs to know about
  • We educate your patients about the supplements you recommend
  • Let us explain why everyone needs specific supplements to maintain their health
  • Let us answer, "What supplements does a health-conscious person take for optimum health?"
  • Recommend Dr. Gaeta's protocols for more than 20 specific conditions, or choose your own
  • Let us teach your patients about their conditions, underlying causes and natural self-care
  • Let Dr. Gaeta teach your patients about the lifestyle changes that will speed their recovery
  • Start recommending “Every Patient Programs” to all of your patients and let Dr. Gaeta explain why
  • Use the Systems Survey Form to determine what areas to support, and let ENA do the explaining
  • Learn exactly how to help your patients using the best quality supplements available
  • We encourage patients to make referrals to your practice, and share videos with friends and family
  • Generate additional revenue providing more of the services your patients need and want
  • Let Dr. Gaeta teach you what he knows about practice expansion and efficiency
  • Develop a completely new stream of patients coming to you for nutritional solutions