Imagine what it would be like with a...

Virtual Nutritional Expert

New to nutrition? Do you want...

  • More new patients than ever before?
  • A new source of residual income that grows year after year?
  • A resource that can be up and running smoothly in less than a day?
  • A resource that requires very little time, expertise, or training?
  • With Expert Nutrition Advisor on your team, you can easily:

    • Increase revenue from existing patients and attract new referrals fast
    • Follow a step-by-step process to start and grow a nutritional practice
    • Eliminate the need to memorize everything except topic names
    • Offer patients your virtual nutritional expert to teach them the facts
    • Simply refer patients to your own branded website

Explore a Level 1 (Basic) nutritional orientation website

Advanced in nutrition? Do you want...

  • Even greater patient and practice success?
  • A resource that is proven to work with every patient?
  • A resource that requires no additional expertise or training on your part?
  • A resource that saves you from wasting your time in the process?
  • With Expert Nutrition Advisor on your team, you can easily:

    • Stop trying to memorize everything you want to tell your patients
    • Use a virtual expert to enhance your efficiency, ability and expertise
    • Reduce or eliminate the time it takes explaining everything to patients
    • Educate patients and families so they know how important supplements are
    • Expand your practice with just three steps of our seven-step expansion training

Explore a Level 2 (Advanced) nutritional orientation website

Expert in nutrition? Do you want...

  • To take your nutritional practice to a new level?
  • A way to explain nutrition to your patients in just a few seconds?
  • A resource that covers concepts, supplements, lifestyle recommendations, and more?
  • A resource that makes it easy to recommend wellness programs to every patient?
  • With Expert Nutrition Advisor on your team, you can easily:

    • Stop spending your time explaining the same things over and over
    • Add new wellness programs to attract healthy patients and their families
    • Use nutritional testing and a systems survey to prove need and value
    • Educate patients and families with an expert on your own branded website
    • Work smarter, not harder, to expand your practice and help more patients

Explore a Level 3 (Expert) nutritional orientation website