Nutritional Practice Expansion Training

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Learn How to Start and Grow Your Nutritional Practice

Novice to Expert, Updates for Life, One Time Fee - $597

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We need 300 practices to beta test our patient education and referral service.  Just let us know how it's working for you, what you like and don't like, and how you think we can make it better.

Test sites receive 50% off any patient education/referral subscription for one year.


This is a seven-step training course to teach natural health professionals that want to begin or expand their nutritional practice. New practitioners will be able to begin recommending nutritional support their very first day and, in a short time, will know as much or more than clinicians who have been recommending supplements for years. Offer patients the support they need for wellness/preventative support, and for dozens of common conditions. You will become a more efficient, effective and successful natural health provider with the help of ENA, because we help you offer protocols that can support the health of every patient you see.

In addition to our practitioner training course, clinicians will be able to view and study the videos in our highest-level Patient Education Service. These are all the videos available to educate your patients about how nutrition and supplements should be used in their care plans to support optimum health. We also explain how you can use our Patient Education and Referral System (available as a monthly subscription) to save you valuable time, and improve your patient compliance, outcomes and referrals.

We recommend that every practitioner take the seven-step Practice Expansion Program in order to take full advantage of what ENA can do for your patient care and practice success.