Patient Education Subscription (Level 1)

One fee covers all your patients - $48.50/month

Educate Your Patients and Your Practice Will Grow

The better you educate your patients the more likely they will accept and comply with your recommendations, refer their friends and family, and continue taking supplements long after their complaints have resolved. It's that simple. Use the ENA Patient Education System to not only teach your patients the important concepts behind their nutritional care plans, but also to promote your practice and encourage new referrals.

Purchase Level 148.50/month

What is the ENA Patient Education System?

This is a monthly service you can provide to your patients that will teach them the important concepts regarding nutrition and supplementation. Instead of spending so much of your own time on patient education, allow ENA to do it for you.

Our patient education system teaches your patient what the supplements you recommended are and why they should take them.  This will improve your patient compliance and outcomes with very little time or effort. You simply hand each patient a custom brochure after placing a check mark next to the videos you want them to watch and when they have completed the assignment, the system sends you an email letting you know they are ready for your recommendations on their next visit.

What's Included in Level One?

  • 13 of the most important Concept presentation videos available
  • Patients have free unlimited access to log in and view your site as often as they like
  • We encourage your patients to refer friends and family by sharing these presentations
  • Our easy-to-use Share Button opens their email program with links to your site ready to send
  • Recipients view your "Important Concept Videos" on a page with your contact information
  • We offer each referral your unique "Special Offer" to attract them as a new patient