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Basic Concepts and Principles Every Patient Should Understand*
Getting Started with Wholistic Nutrition*
Why Supplementation Is Necessary*
Nutrition Gives You Better Results*
The Benefits of Expert Nutritional Guidance*
Natural vs Synthetic*
Why Standard Process*
Why I’ve Chosen Standard Process*
Benefits and Safety of Herbal Medicine*
Herbal Quality and Mediherb*
The Risks of Buying Supplements Online*
How to Use the Supplement Tray*
Not Just for You – Everyone Needs Whole-Food Nutrition*
What is Wholistic Healthcare
What Integrative Medicine
What is Acupuncture
What is Chiropractic
Informed Consent*
How to Buy Food*
NSAIDs (OTC Pain / Anti-Inflammation)
Insulin Resistance / Metabolic Syndrome
Handling Objections*
Protomorphogens: How They Work*
Animal Tissues and SP Product Safety*
Gluten and Standard Process*
Soy and Standard Process*
Patient Nutritional Examination Procedures*
Zinc Taste Test*
Thyroid Temperature*
Acid-Alkaline Balance
General Health Presentations for Your Healthy Patients and Their Families*
Trace Minerals B12
Tuna Omega 3 Oil
Not Just For You
Optimal Health Presentations for healthy patients and their families*
Trace Minerals B12
Tuna Omega 3 Oil
Calcium Lactate
Echinacea Premium
Not Just For You
The Most Important Facts About Each Supplement and Herb*
180 Standard Process Products
36 MediHerb Products
Protocols and Lifestyle Recommendations For Specific Conditions*
General Health Support
Optimum Health Support
Acute or Chronic Pain Support
Adrenal Fatigue Support
Allergy Support
Anxiety Support
Arthritis Support
Autoimmune Support
Cancer Support
Cardiovascular Support
Cold and Flu Support
Constipation Support
Depression Support
Diabetes Support
Living Without a Gall Bladder Support
Headache Support
Hemorrhoid Support
Hyperthyroid Support
Hypothyroid Support
Neuropathy Support
Osteoporosis Support
Overweight Support
Sleeping Difficulty Support
Every Patient Wellness Protocols*
The Betafood Protocol/ Gall Bladder Support
Gut Flora Restoration
Leaky Gut Support
10-Day Blood Sugar Program
Purification / Detox Program
Systems Survey Protocols and Lifestyle Recommendations*
Group 1 - Sympathetic Overload
Group 2 - Parasympathetic Overload
Group 3 - Blood Sugar
Group 4 - Cardiovascular
Group 5 - Liver & Gallbladder
Group 6 - Digestion
Group 7a - Hyperthyroid
Group 7b - Hypothyroid
Group 7c - Hyperpituitary
Group 7d - Hypopituitary
Group 7e - Hyperadrenal
Group 7f - Hypoadrenal
Group 8 - B and G Complex Deficiencies
Female Hormone Imbalance
Male Hormone Imbalance & Prostate
Branded Website, Ability To Share Important Concepts or Success Stories*
Branded Share Page with New Patient Offer*
Share Important Concepts*
Patients can share their treatment success stories*
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